I/O 2019 Expectations.

07 May 2019

This is the May where Google I/O happens every year. Google I/O is the flagship conference of Google to announce all the software update they have been working on the past year and what will come up next. This year Google I/O 2019 happens form 7th to 9th of May. Here are the announcements and sessions I will be interested in.

First of all, we have to talk about the keynote. This is the summery of the most catching thing that will come up at the conference. Which will be done by Sundar Pichai CEO of Google. This is the key event of the session. I remember last year, the Google Duplex project was announced and that was dope. With that thought, yes there will be lots of AI stuff. I mean a lot.

But what I’m most interested about is Flutter and the hyped Hummingbird project. Of cause after checking the schedule, I know that there will be a session on Hummingbird project. Also, I’m waiting for some big updates for Flutter. The winner of Flutter Create competition will be announced which I missed because of that wicked project(I’ll tell about it later).

And there’s Android Q too. I think that the name of version will not come out. Because, in previous years they announced it after the I/O. But there will be lots of announcement about the upcoming OS version. And again after mining the schedule, there will be more focus on privacy and accessibility within the Android OS.

But to be sad I don’t think there will be anything about Fuschia. Yes, the new next-generation open source OS Google is working on with the community support. I would like even a little mention of the project which has a very less probability.

So these are things I’m expecting from the Google I/O this year. We’ll see what will come true and what won’t. Maybe Google will announce something way out of real!