That Perfect Live Set

04 May 2019

Today I noticed that the most of the time, popular DJs and their sets are not much interesting and creative.

Yes, most of them are very good music producers which made great pieces of music. But since they are popular and well known they have a status to maintain. Most of them give a major flavor to their own music in their sets. This I think reasonable since they have to market their creation and this is one of the best ways. Imaging hundreds of people dancing to your jam. Also when it comes to mediums other than the music in a set, a popular DJ should spend a vast amount of resources for lighting, visuals, fireworks and other flashy stuff in order to make it perfect. Most of the time DJs have to imitate themselves too. They have to act for the label, shout out fellow DJ of the label and keep their gained status by not doing a crazy stupid thing. All these other interests make a producer or a DJ less concentrated about their music or the actual mix their performing. And when it comes to the crowd, a popular DJ would have huge crowd without a single gap but most of the people come because of the DJ’s popularity not really the enjoy the set. And less space to dance will ruin the enjoyment of the real fan too.

So, I thought about that one set which will be freaking awesome. Here are my personal opinions that I listed down in my mind. The set shouldn’t have crazy ass animations and lighting that crowd will take photographs without actually enjoying it. Fireworks, Ok, in the end, to make it fabulous. There should be a reasonable crowd not very little and not every person in the festival, so there is enough space for true enjoyers to do all the crazy stuff and dance like hell. A DJ should DJ! not play their own track one by one, they should mix, do spins and play dance jams of other artists too. Dj should act there own self and become part of the crowd, do what they would do if they were in the crowd. The list can go but only these items come to my mind right now. So, I think I described the awesome music set according to my mind.